Friday, 27 May 2011


Hi folks firstly I must apologise as it has been so long since my last update, especially to those who receive my quarterly newsletter as I said, 'to follow what was happening please access my blog page'. I would like to thank Jennifer Kelly for reminding me of that I had made this remark. Bible College has come and gone for another year, and now awaiting my results and grading. The project is moving along and we are in the process of gathering feedback from the young people and adults in the Braes area via survey monkey. The youth survey can be accessed by clicking on the following link and is for all P7-S6 pupils and for older youths in the 19-25 age group. This information will be used to collate a feasibility study for future funding options.

Adults can also complete a survey on the following link this information will also be beneficial in acquiring the necessary funds to take the next steps in our quest to purchase a building in the Braes. Since my last post we have began a weekly youth bible study on a Tuesday evening which has 10 regular young people and a few who come on a less regular basis. Sunday afternoons we enjoy playing basketball at the Polmont Sports Centre, and should anyone wish to join us, we meet at 3:45pm. You can find out more via my Facebook page. I will be back soon with more updates on how God has blessed us. 

Jesus engages with a group of fishermen and calls them to follow Him. They spend time together having fun, in the mountains, on the beach they even go sailing together. Throughout their time together they provide help and support to those in need in the community.   

Jesus Said 'Moreover Imitate Me, Imitate Christ'

Throughout the months of May and June I have had the pleasure as a chaplain at Graeme High School to support and encourage the young people who are sitting their standard and higher grade exams. The school has advised all pupils, that as chaplains, we understand that the exam period can cause added pressure and stress for some. Therefore, we will be available for a chat and prayer or both from 8:20 each morning in the school library prior to their exams. On Monday past I decided since I had an exam the following day on New Testament Epistles, I would take my notes into school and do some studying. I thought it might encourage the young people to know that I truly understood the pain of studying and exam nerves. This opened up an opportunity for me to share my experiences with one of the young people and to explain what and why I was studying. I was encouraged to hear that following a previous morning visit that some of the young people had asked one of their school friends who attends our youth bible study to write a prayer for them. I am pleased that they recognised their school friend as a man of faith and that he was confident enough to meet the needs of his school mates.



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