Wednesday, 29 December 2010

2011 Establishing "Base Camp"

2010 draws to a close and its time to reflect on the year gone, but where to begin. There have been so many highlights in 2010, none more-so than celebrating 25 years of marriage to my wonderful wife Jennifer... God graciously blessed us in the gift from a friend that enabled us to visit Tunisia in August. I also had the opportunity to spend 10 days with a fantastic group of young people from Griffith Indiana led by Pastor Brandon Matthews and his team, what an awesome experience and God was just amazing in our devotional times. He certainly challenged me in all areas of my walk with him. it was during this mission trip that God began to establish a Youth Project (Braes Community Young Peoples Project). 2011 will see us begin the process to plant Braes Community Church and The Storehouse, all in all it will be a very busy year. God willing ! Thank you to all who have supported us in 2010 financially, spiritually in prayer and by just loving us as friends. I know I have made mistakes as I have sought to walk by faith, but these have enabled me to learn valuable lessons in humility. At the end of 2009 I began the walk out of the valley  and up the mountain and at the end of 2011, I will continue to climb and establish "Base Camp" from which we will strike out for the summit.

Serving God, Serving Others


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