Monday, 26 July 2010

God is Moving, His Spirit is Moving!!!

It is almost a week since the mission team from Indiana returned home, and the hole they have left still remains. God blessed us abundantly over the 10 days they were here and we experienced amazing things together, that have changed and shaped our lives forever. I begin this blog by praising God for allowing me the privileged of getting to know the most wonderful group of teens and their leaders I have ever had the pleasure to meet.

We were met by many challenges as we "Walked On The Water" our focus was not on the situation around us, but on Christ to sustain and supply for all our needs. We were blessed by those who fed us, those who helped deliver leaflets, those who prayed for and encouraged us. God even provided "Mountain Dew" a drink not available in the UK, but the only shop in Scotland was in the Braes, and they only took delivery two days before our teens arrived. Needless to say we bought the lot. Day one saw a young guy who was sitting on the pavement at the side of the road, encounter our prayer walkers. This young guy was so taken by the gospel message he went and got a friend to hear what was being said, both committed their hearts to Christ. The following day he brought another friend to hear about Christ, and he committed is life to Christ also. I said to Brandon, I thinks we have another Andrew here, funnily enough that was his name. Just like his namesake Andrew in the scriptures, who kept bringing people to hear Jesus, this young boy was doing the same.

On the Sunday evening some 26 people came to the launch meeting and a committee was established, and Braes Community Young Peoples Project was under-way.   I have since had a number of emails from people who were unable to attend and several phone calls, bringing the total number of people committed to establishing the project to 40. Our first meeting will be on the 29th of July. BCYPP will commence at the beginning of September once the schools return for their summer holidays.

"God is moving, His Spirit is moving, and He is not finished with you yet"
Bluetree- River

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