Friday, 30 July 2010


We held the first meeting of Braes Community Young Peoples Project last night at our home, trusting that God would bring those he wanted to establish a committee with. I had a number of apologies 10 in total, and was unsure just how many people would be here. I was praying for 3 people at least, to fulfil the roles of Chair, Secretary and Treasure. God faithful as ever brought 5 people to the meeting. Not only did we fill the three main roles, but that of Director of Youth Work and Youth Chairperson. Once the committee was established the work of agreeing the constitution and applying for charity status was completed. Finally our application for a bank account. (We will need somewhere for our supporters of the project to put some money in) LOL.

God has been faithful throughout the inception stage of this work, and although I am nervous about where this is all going to lead, I would not want to be anywhere or doing anything else. Walking On The Water is the most amazing experience in the world, where water wings and flotation aids should be made compulsory....If I were to have risk assessed this walk of faith before I got out the boat the HSE would have shut me down... Thankfully, just as there is no credit crunch in heaven, there is no HSE either.

Thank you for all the prayer support and encouragement, now the next phase of Faithfulness begins.. Jesus said "how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him" Matthew writes.  This is perhaps the most important lesson I have learned over the past 12 months. Faithfulness is all about asking the Father. It is so easy to ask others for help, and volunteers we will need. However, as I have experienced, when I ask people, they give what they can, time money etc, but it has always been just enough. However, when I ask the Father, I have people offer me money, time, etc and there is always abundant blessings which is more than enough.

Thank You Father

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