Saturday, 17 July 2010

Brae's Community Young Peoples Project (update 3)

Final update from the leaders of our American mission team

Pastor Brandon Matthews-

It's been an incredible experience!  To watch God move the way He has been here and to be a part of it happening has truly revolutionized my faith.  God is always faithful, He always provides, always sustains, always hears, and always is at work.  There have been far too many "coincidental" events during our trip for anyone to dismiss God's handiwork.  While this trip has also had it's unique challenges and difficulties, God remains sovereign and His will is always accomplished!  Falkirk Baptist have been far more than the hosts we could have ever expected them to be and they have truly blessed us with their hospitality.  Bill, also, has been a huge encouragement to everyone in our group.  His energy, deep faith, passion, and personal level of concern have been both inspirational and challenging!  I greatly look forward to attempting to return the favour next summer!
     Thank you Lord for allowing us this incredible opportunity, thank you for your enduring mercies to us, thank you for so perfectly aligning the details and logistics for this trip, thank you for your love, patience, and blessings to us, an undeserving group, and thank you for your watch care over us!  Thank you to all who contributed to our work this week in some way - providing meals, funds, activities, transportation, sleeping bags, church home, the youth club to serve at, etc., etc., etc..  THANK YOU!

Kelly Miller

Wow what a week!!  We have seen God's present among us all week while we have walked and have had the opportunity to talk with a few people.  Preparing for this trip for my family has been a huge miracle in itself but we remained faithful and so has He, that hasn't changed at all while we are here serving.  While being here to be a leader and be there for the teens it also challenges your faith, and to have the days that you yourself can humble yourself before Him and feel his presence it just something that I can take away and know that I have given my all before him and pray that in all that I have done will bring Glory to Him!!  It has been a huge blessing to me and be able to help start the work that is going on here in Scotland.  Thank you to all who have helped in  many different areas throughout our stay here, you have been a huge help and blessing to us.  Thank you Lord for bring Bill into our lives, he truly is a man of God who walks with so much faith that just rubs off on you. God Bless You !!

Missy Matthews

Wow what an experience! It's been an incredible experience to be apart of what God is doing here in Scotland. We have been able to go and visit "The Rock" which is similar to what God has layed on Bills heart to start here in the community that he lives in. We have been able to prayer walk up and down the streets while Bill has distributed the fliers in the community. We have seen a few people accept Christ and that is awesome but more than that we have been able to plant a seed that God will continue to grow through the work of Bill. While being here has had its challenges, God has been there and shown me that he is always there right beside me. Thank you to all who have been praying for us and have given their support.

Chris Miller

First of all I have to Praise the Lord for allowing me to be here on this trip to Scotland.  To be able to experience miracle after miracle leading up to the trip has been a huge blessing to me and my family. To be apart of what God has planned for Bill and this project here in Scotland is incredible. We have prayer walked he streets for the people in the area where this outreach project will take place, and have seen a few lead to Christ.  What more can you say to that then Praise the Lord!!  While this trip has had it's challenges God has watched over and protected us every step of the way for this group. 

Glenn Kilbourne

Thank you Jesus for this great opportunity to serve you.  This has been a great trip and of course there is always something trying to stop us from doing God's work.  God has shown his presence every time there was a problem, like keeping the weather from hindering the work that needed to be done.  This trip has helped my faith grow stronger.  Bill has been a blessing to me, to meet a man so deep in his faith that it makes me go deeper in my faith.  This year has been difficult and very busy and trying to get ready for this trip, but God provided the words to say during those Divine appointments and the strength to walk those hills in Scotland.  It's a blessing to see a teen come to Christ, and watching the group work has a team presenting the gospel this teen.  Also, we were able to talk to people while we were on our prayer walks, and we met some very friendly people in the villages.  I will never forget this trip, the people, and the landscape of Scotland.  My prayer is that I will see God's work through Bill and this group will bring a revival in the teens of the area. God bless. Cheers

Praise God for all those who have come and ministered on the name of the Lord.

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