Friday, 16 July 2010

Brae's Community Young Peoples Project (update 2)

Continued from yesterday, the experiences of the YP and Leader from First Baptist Griffiths Indiana.

Emily Klocek

So far this past week i have learned quite a few things. I've learned that you can NEVER expect things to stay according to plan, because sometimes God has a different direction for you to go so you need to stay flexible and have an open mind. Secondly, I've learned that God is ALWAYS there for you, when your sad,happy,moody,depressed etc. you can always count on him to be that person you need to talk to, and he'll ALWAYS do something about it in one way or another. .I have also learned that I do not do HALF as much as i should in my own Country as i should. It's sad to me that Christians all around the world say one thing and do the complete opposite. We need to change that. I heard a story this week about people who live in a village in the forest and that the two things that stuck out most about America to them was  that paint on the streets keep's people from running into each-other, and that they were shocked that Christians in America aren't standing on the streets YELLING God's word out for everyone to hear, because we have the freedom to do so. that really spoke to me because i see that as well, in my own life too! But now i know that need's to change and i will do my best to make that happen. Nobody's perfect, But we should all make an effort to be. .
Mac Zambrano

Scotland trip 2010 

This week has been a very exiting and knowledgeable trip.So far I have made some new friends.People on there first mission trip and people I've never really talked to before. The friends I did have before the trip i feel like i know them a little better.Living with them for a little over a week know you can see how they really are when there at home, and how they react to this big group of people and situations. Bill is the one leading us on this trip for the most part. He is an amazing man for God. He really does walk by faith and loves God.So far we've been trying to get this project started talking to people about it since we couldn't hand out flyers.Its a place that keeps kids off the streets and puts them in a place where they can just hang out.This week has been crazy in many ways I'm trying to reach my goals I set out for. I want to be able to encourage my friends be able to lift them up at all times and show God's love that was my main goal.So I am praying for that ad well just going with the flow helps a lot with this kinda stuff because if you never know where God needs you and when but we always know He will bring us through

Travis Frank

This trip has had a lot of fun times. I have met some new people, got some stories to tell. The most important thing that I have learned on this trip is how much God really love me. On this trip I saw the little things in life that I just look over at home but here I have seen the love he has for me. Also I have talked to some kids and seen how happy they were to talk about Jesus and how open they were. Which got me to think " If the people in America are this happy about the word why aren't we on every street corner yelling the love of God to everyone?". So this trip has opened my eyes to the true love of God it has changed they way my life will be lived. I will go home and talk to my friends and make sure they know and understand the love of God. On this trip I though I knew from the songs in Sunday school but I don't know but I will learn.

Kaitlyn Herron

When I first found out we were going to Scotland for this years mission trip I was so excited, and then the closer it got to actually leaving for it, the more and more nervous I became. Now that I'm actually here, I realize there was nothing to be nervous about, and I hear people say this is all the time. If God didn't have a plan for us here, then he wouldn't have sent us. We first planned on passing out flyers for Bill's youth center and witnessing to the people in Scotland. We ended up not being able to pass out flyers, so we mostly prayer walked and a few kids had a chance to witness to people. One of the moments that stuck out to me most on this trip, was during the Sunday morning service at Falkirk Baptist Church. At the beginning of the service we began singing and worshipping. I thought it was so awesome that even though we travelled all the way across sea's to Scotland, we were all standing there worshipping and singing to the same God. Throughout this week, I have tried new food, gained some new friends, and also made some great memories that I will never forget.  Mission trip 2010, to Scotland has been a blast! :)

Keenan Asche

If you look at what God has done. It is amazing! The sights  and the sounds. The most important the love God has showed us. This may only have been my second year on a missions trip, but this one was the best. There is still a lot to do for God out there. I find it a little funny how Christians always complain how God does not get enough accountability in our lives, but yet we do not want to go out and show the love that he shows us. As my youth pastor said '' we want to be Godly people but yet we want to have heavenly treasures. I think what I am trying to say is that we want to show him love like he shows toward us like being in Scotland , but we do want to hold on to treasures on this earth.

Daniel Schoonmaker

I was born into a Christians family, i was saved as a young kid but i never had a great  relationship with Christ until my first mission  trip every time i'm whit these guys my relationship whit Christ just got stronger what ever Satan hits me with my best friend Jesus helps me threw it any and every way possible, if you don't know my god then you should get to know him be cues he will blows your mind what hi has for you, just read the bible it sees all these amazing true story for example king David before he was king he played an flute For the king, just imagine what he can do for you just imagine what he could do for you! and all you you have to do is have faith i did and im in scotland and im not regreting Pastor Brandon starting to say live it out, so others can see, then they will want that and then they will get then they will live it out and i am living it out.

Joseph Sheeha

My family has been going to church my entire life, so some people tell me I am a church boy but the truth is I am and I am proud of it. I have gone to about four different churches in my lifetime but my favorite church out of the four is First Baptist of Griffith, Indiana. I made so many friends there and grew so much in my spiritual walk with Christ their. I first got saved at the age of nine, when I watched the movie left behind with my family.At first I really did not understand what salvation was but after a while I learned what it was and I understood what I had done much better and realized that it meant so much more to me than just being saved from going to hell.Now I am about to turn 19 and I am incredibly thankful for the people who helped me get to where I am today and the amazing friends that I have. I am just getting to start a new chapter of my life. I will be starting college in about one month from now and starting my first job in a few weeks.I will miss getting to hang out with all my amazing friends in the youth group but I must move on and begin the beginning of the rest of my life.

Matt Allen

I grew up in a Christian family.I was pretty much raised by my dad who has loved and cared for me for like ever.But this trip has really helped me connect with my youth group.And the adults that supervised us as we experience god in our lives.I have done many things during this trip such as prayer walking where the adults and youth members go into seperate groups and walk along the streets and towns praying for those we care about and to those on the streets that will be able to experience the lord in their life.Also me and the youth help to try and grow the church into a tremendous and blessing size.But i am enjoying this trip alot.And may god be in your lives as he has been in mine.And may you all have blessed days.

Nicole Lear

For the past week, I have been in Scotland for my youth group's 2010 mission experience. All in all it's been pretty exciting and fun.We were able to go out into the streets and minister to the people here and at the same time we were able to bask in Scotland's beauty. Thankfully most of us brought cameras! It's so beautiful here! And on top of that we are doing God's work for His glory. I have made new friends and strengthened current friendships, too. Every night we all have devotions in the sanctuary and I really enjoy that because when I attempt to read my  Bible, I have a hard time with it and when we all do devotions together they are explained to us. I'm going to really miss that when we leave but I take that as a challenge to try to dive deep into the Bible on my own.

Alyshia Palagyi

Over the past couple weeks I have been very lucky to have the opportunity to spend the week in Scotland with my youth group as a mission trip.We have visited many different places like the Stirling Castle and also to a place called "The Rock" and got to spend time with other youth just like us who need a safe place to go to keep them off the streets and giving them the ability to hang out and get to know God. Also I have learned many new things like how to say a few words in a Scottish accent, tried new types of food, and also made new friends like Bill. So far this trip has been a great experience for me and I hope to keep seeing new places and try new foods as we spend our last few days here.

Zach DeWitt

Over thus mission trip in Scotland I have experienced a whole new culture from people driving in the left side of the road, all the way to a culture that doesn't use sugar in very much at all unlike back home. Scotland has been amazing the scenery, and history behind this country and city that we are staying in is amazing. Also the people are very kind the teens however are in distress. This trip has given us the chance for God to open up some teens to us to be saved and to have a seed planted in others and that is what really counts. I thank everyone for allowing me to go on this trip and to be apart of this work that God wanted.

This concludes the experiences of the YP, tomorrow we hear from the Leaders.

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