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Braes Community Young Peoples Project (Update)

Hi Folks,

This update is brought to you by the young people of First Baptist Griffith Indiana. It relates to their experience on " Walking on the Water" this week.

Mallory Klocek

This trip has been one amazing example of how God works to use us how He sees fit, and how what we think we should do and what God has for us to do aren't always the same thing.  When we planned on coming here we thought we were going to be doing one thing and through quite a few different set-backs we are doing something different.  Even through all of this we have been able to see God working through what we have been doing here, and have been able to witness 3 teens come to know Christ as their saviour.  This has been an amazing experience so far and I can't wait to see what God has in store for the rest of the week.

Ruben Vargas Jr.

This trip has been really awesome, it was a long trip and we were all extremely jet-lagged but when it came time for business we did what needed to be done. for me i was kinda worried coming on this trip because my focus wasn't completely on target. but as soon as I cleared it up with God I was ready, and when our work began it must have been no more than 5 minutes into our journey through the neighborhood prayer walk that I met someone sitting on the side of the road I asked God. Is this the sign? and I knew it was his way of saying yes that the kid just sat there. I introduced myself and we began to talk I led him to the Lord along with his friend that he wanted me to meet, it was very exciting and encouraging. Its nice to see the work that is being done here in Scotland. God Bless Scotland.

Paris Courtney

This week has been truly amazing and i honestly don't want it to end. But when the time came to come i was really nervous and to be honest I didn't want to make the trip I was going to miss my friends and most of the things back in America. But now that the trip is winding up I have been blessed by many things, from meeting Bill to the long prayer walks.I will remember all that i have learned and the people i have met for a life time. God Bless!

Robert Cheek

The trip has been absolutely amazing. I have been blessed by so much. So far 3 people have been saved. Their names are Connor, Gregor. and Andrew. They are all 13 years old, and absolute beasts at futbol (soccer). Ruben had the privilege of witnessing to Andrew and Connor, but then the day after, our group met Andrew and his friend Gregor at the soccer field. We started out just talking about what Gregor believed and then Andrew said he should listen intentively to what we have to say because it will be life changing. So he agreed and we all took a part in the witness. Mac, Glenn, Nick, Darric, and I all said our part and I got to lead him in the salvation prayer. It was amazing how eager he was to accept it. This trip has just changed me greatly and I've had a couple of V-8 moments during a few nightly devotions. I've had a great time on this trip so far and as it comes to a close, I will be glad to say, time well spent for the lives that have been turned over to Christ. God Bless this trip, and God Bless Scotland.

Sam Klocek

well it is hard to sum up what i have have done but here it is well so far i have just been given time to put every thing behind me that i have felt is holding me back so know i can just go and do Gods work it has been a life changing time here in Scotland and miss you all so much but I fell that this is where God has for me to be please keep us in your prayers love you all, thank you bye.                                                                                                                            
Jacob Styx

This is only been my second mission trip that I have been on but I have enjoyed this one and learned more on this one then I have on the previous one. this trip is in Scotland and it is a very different country then the U.S. They don't have sales tax on anything. The main thing that has impacted me on this trip is that god can provide any thing he puts you through. Also that all you need is god and not material things and that those things don't even matter in the eyes of God. Last is that I need to make more time for devotions then i do on everything else.

Darric Obinger

This is my second opportunity to participate on youth missions trip, and to tell you the truth I am so glad I chose to go.  In the week and half I have been here God has developed me Spiritually so much.  I mean sure it is difficult to spend a week in a church with the same people, but God has used even things like that to strengthen my patience and other crucial qualities. I think when it hit me that this Mission's trip was going to be life changing was on the third day or so.  During our nightly devotions, we had a challenging lesson on witnessing.  I  could feel the spirit pulling on my heart to go out a to spread the good news.  No longer was I timid about even mentioning Jesus to someone on the streets but I felt the Holy Spirit pushing me to.  I had a desire to witness to many.  This has been a great experience for me. From, where ever I was seeing the mountains; to the trip to Stirling castle; to the view at William Wallace's monument.  It's an eye opener to the handiwork of God. My favourite experience has to be the chance I got to chip in on witnessing to a boy named Gregor. You can see God working during this trip so much and I hope that continues when we return to the States.

Ben Allison

This is my second mission trip with the youth and has been a great opportunity for me to share the gospel with people.So far I have not, but I know I will sometime before the trip is over. It has been a life changing experience for me and I hope we will be able to help the church grow so that when we leave it will be able to grow even more and chance the lives of people in Scotland.

David Klocek

Well where do I begin? this whole experience has both pushed my faith over the limit and also took my understanding of this awesome youth group to a whole new level. God has taught me three big things on this trip that i know i will hold onto as life lessons. One, understanding that God has a plan, "we have the pencil and write what we think he wants us to do but we should always remember he has the eraser" Brandon Matthews.... Two, people are just like you no matter where you go. it took me the opportunity to go to Scotland for me to learn that, but now I am motivated knowing that fact. Three, taking your problems and just laying them down to God. too often we underestimate what God can really do. This trip has opened my eyes that i can give God any problem and with an honest heart I can get them lifted off of me. finally my best experience would have to be just the opportunity to walk up to someone and talk to them about my relationship with Christ, I mean we have the opportunity to tell people about our God. And I've learned that we should scream it from the mountains because "if our God is for us then who can ever stop us? and if our God is with us then what can stand against?!"

Josh Pearey

Well moreover it as been the best mission trip so far!  The only thing i have to complain about is the security at the airports i got my cake icing away, but we went for a walk and the Lord blessed me with icing at tesco.  I learned some new car names Peogeut  while prayer walking and was able to see two people get saved, I've never seen someone so willing for their fried to get saved.  The roads are different pickles are different but table tennis isn't and i can post that

Rebecca Clark

Well so far on this mission trip I have had alot of stuff to think about on this mission trip and of having God in my life I am so thankful for having him in my life. On this mission trip I have experienced alot of things here in Scotland. Scotland is really different here than in America the money is alot different here and I am glad that I came on this International Mission and this was my second mission trip. God is good in my life and and I am to be blessed to be here from the the people my church and my family also definitely for my parents to let me come on this mission trip also. I have the most amazing youth pastor and his name is Brandon Matthews I am glad he is my youth pastor.All I gotta say is that we came here on a mission here for god and we are here finally at last and we wouldnt be here if it werent for him we all pray to him to see if we ever get to scotland and he has finally answered our prayers and I love God for that alot for me this has been an experience for me and I go back home to Indiana I will be a change person for myself and a growin person to along with god beside me always in my life and I thank for god for everything that he has done for me.

Nick Ripoli

This trip has to this point been truly amazing.  I have been able to be with some of my closest friends doing the Lord's will.  It truly has been one of those once in a lifetime opportunities that I am glad the Lord blessed me with.  One of the things that has stuck with me the most is seeing some of the views here and thinking its impossible for any Big Bang to cause this.  I've grown closer with a lot of people and have met some new people here.  I cannot express enough how happy I am that the Lord blessed me with this opportunity, and i'm truly excited to see how the rest of the trip goes.

Rebecca Basaleh

This mission trip was quite the adventure.  We had to go over seas to a foreign country so we all knew this was gonna be something big.  I knew going into it that I had to be going for the right reasons, or else it'd be pointless.  So, I did my best to get rid of those distractions and get focused.  While in Scotland, I learned that I need to be real, be me, and be for God.  We spent most of the time prayer walking while the youth leader passed out leaflets.  Not anything huge happened like we expected, but I still got closer to God.

That's all for now, we will update the remainder tomorrow..........


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