Thursday, 31 December 2009

Walk Only Where Jesus Has Invited You To !

As 2009 draws to a close, and I seek to continue our walk with Christ in 2010. May Jennifer and I wish everyone a very Blessed 2010. In January 2009 I attened the Deep Impact Youth Conference in Aviemore, little was I to know the change for me those four days would hold. I left Aviemore knowing God's call on my life, and by May 2009 I was enrolling at International Christian College. I began my studies in September and I am ending the year having completed my first semester.

On January the 6th, I have a meeting with Head of Youth Services at Falkirk Council to discuss the vision God has given me for a youth project in the town. Mid December I dropped him an email outlining the proposals, and gave him a call a couple of days later. Much to my surprise his first words were "I suppose you would like to meet with me" I praise God for the opportunity and pray that he will continue to open doors.

Throughout 2009 I have endeavoured only to walk where Jesus has invited me to come. This is something I see from his example of "Water Walking" If it is you Lord invite me to come. 2010 will be no different. I pray that as you enter into a New decade, you too will only walk where Jesus has invited you.

God Bless You Now and Forever.