Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Returning To The Summer Pastures

Hi There,

Been at college for a couple of weeks now and still in the throws of my honeymoon period :0) you could not believe how great it is to be here?

Reflections:- In November 2008, during my quiet time, I felt God begin to speak to me about being in the valley. Around the January of 2009 "We" (The Deacons and Elders at FBC) were preparing to seek God about the direction of the church.

Once again I was drawn to the same scripture "You have over wintered in the valley long enough, it is time to return to the mountain." (Paraphrased) I brought this word to the Elders and shared what I believed was a word for the church. However, at the commissioning service for the students at the bible college, our speaker, Karl Martin, spoke about going up the mountain.

The penny dropped! It was not a word for the church I had received in 2008, but a word for me in preparation the my calling I would receive in December 2008. The January 2009 was again about leaving the valley the winter pasture, and about going up the mountain to meet with God. It was all about receiving instruction, training if you like. ICC is my mountain, where I meet with God and receive training and instruction on serving him effectively.

Is it time for you to return to the mountain, is God saying you have been in the valley long enough, winter is over, return to the summer pasture. Has the shepherd led you of the mountain for protection during the harsh winter? Is he leading you back up the mountain?

Praise God for the Valleys, for rest and protection. Praise Him for the Mountain Top Experiences and the opportunities to grow in His love and bask in His presence.