Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Deep Water

I cannot quite remember what starting Primary School was like, 1966 was a long time ago. I do remember my first day at High School in 1973, but mostly with saddness as my father died the day before. On leaving school in 1975 I attended Falkirk Tech College to study Mechanical & Engineering as an apprentice engineer. School was not my finest moment, I was not an academic. College I enjoyed, because I could relate to the practical aspects.

It is 43 years since I began my education as a small blond haired, blue eyed boy in shorts, and 30 years have past since I last was at college. This week I have been able to empathise with all the kids going to school for the very first time. Man am I nervous, who needs laxatives :0)

I entitled my blog "Walking on the Water" but I feel more like a fish out of water!!!

This morning God gave me a vision from my childhood that I would like to share with you. I was around 5/6 years old, and as most summers they were spent in the local public park with my mother and younger brother (Summers were great back then, warm & hot.) In the park there was a paddling pool, where I spent many a happy hour swimming. Well I say swimming, but the water was that shallow I was really only pulling myself along the bottom.

I remember it so vividly, as if it were yesterday. I could see myself running to my mum "did you see me swimming mum?" My mum just smiled, "Yes William, you were good" Not long after this my mother took me to the public baths for swimming lesson. Why I thought, I can swim. As I entered the shallow end (all 3' 6" of me) I soon discovered there was more to swimming.

God began to speak to me:- His first words were "Yes William you are good" but now the lessons begin. Contrary to what you might think it is easier to swim in deep water, but firstly you need to learn who to swim. This is not about swimming, its about "Water Walking" I am taking you into the deep water, and some times stormy waters, out of the comfort zone as your mother did all these years ago. Listen carefully to your teachers, follow their instructions and you will be just fine. I have given you My Spirit, and you can accomplish everything because I am strengthening you.

I believe God has prompted in my Spirit to share this with you, because some of you are in a similar situation. God wants to take you into the "Deep Water" I know that I am a very competent swimmer and not afraid of deep water. In fact I feel reasonably confident and competent in many areas, as many of you do. Education is not an area of comfort or confidence for me. When God reminded me of my childhood experience I could see the connection. Where is your "Deep Water" are you happy in your comfort zone, or is God call you to "Get out of the boat"???

May God Bless You


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