Thursday, 31 December 2009

Walk Only Where Jesus Has Invited You To !

As 2009 draws to a close, and I seek to continue our walk with Christ in 2010. May Jennifer and I wish everyone a very Blessed 2010. In January 2009 I attened the Deep Impact Youth Conference in Aviemore, little was I to know the change for me those four days would hold. I left Aviemore knowing God's call on my life, and by May 2009 I was enrolling at International Christian College. I began my studies in September and I am ending the year having completed my first semester.

On January the 6th, I have a meeting with Head of Youth Services at Falkirk Council to discuss the vision God has given me for a youth project in the town. Mid December I dropped him an email outlining the proposals, and gave him a call a couple of days later. Much to my surprise his first words were "I suppose you would like to meet with me" I praise God for the opportunity and pray that he will continue to open doors.

Throughout 2009 I have endeavoured only to walk where Jesus has invited me to come. This is something I see from his example of "Water Walking" If it is you Lord invite me to come. 2010 will be no different. I pray that as you enter into a New decade, you too will only walk where Jesus has invited you.

God Bless You Now and Forever.


Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Returning To The Summer Pastures

Hi There,

Been at college for a couple of weeks now and still in the throws of my honeymoon period :0) you could not believe how great it is to be here?

Reflections:- In November 2008, during my quiet time, I felt God begin to speak to me about being in the valley. Around the January of 2009 "We" (The Deacons and Elders at FBC) were preparing to seek God about the direction of the church.

Once again I was drawn to the same scripture "You have over wintered in the valley long enough, it is time to return to the mountain." (Paraphrased) I brought this word to the Elders and shared what I believed was a word for the church. However, at the commissioning service for the students at the bible college, our speaker, Karl Martin, spoke about going up the mountain.

The penny dropped! It was not a word for the church I had received in 2008, but a word for me in preparation the my calling I would receive in December 2008. The January 2009 was again about leaving the valley the winter pasture, and about going up the mountain to meet with God. It was all about receiving instruction, training if you like. ICC is my mountain, where I meet with God and receive training and instruction on serving him effectively.

Is it time for you to return to the mountain, is God saying you have been in the valley long enough, winter is over, return to the summer pasture. Has the shepherd led you of the mountain for protection during the harsh winter? Is he leading you back up the mountain?

Praise God for the Valleys, for rest and protection. Praise Him for the Mountain Top Experiences and the opportunities to grow in His love and bask in His presence.


Saturday, 26 September 2009

Be Examples of Christ

Hi Folks,

Week one complete and I am knackered! Monday 21st September 2009 - 09:15 registration, and meet my fellow students. Permit me to introduce the people whom I will have the pleasure of spending the next 4 years. There are 4 guys and five girls. Robert, Daniel, Gary and myself. The Girls are Pamela, Laura, Caz, Rosemary and Rachel.

The stark reality of what lies ahead for me, is not some large theological question. I was sitting in the admin office and my eyes settled upon a piece of A4 paper, bluetaced to the wall. Printed in bold font with a landscape format, it read.

Don't worry that children never listen to you; worry that they are always watching you.” it is a quote by Robert Fulghum

It brought a whole new meaning to the saying actions speak louder than words. I have to be honest and say that if you were to ask my daughter what kind of dad I have been, she would tell you everything she has seen me do, and nothing about the things I have told her.

However, this quote also gives me hope, as It would direct me to a practical ministry. I have believed for many years that we must be examples of Christ to our friends, neighbours and peers. This was Jesus ministry many watched what he was doing and followed him

Over the next number of year I hope its not what I say, but what I do that shapes the lives of the people I engage with.


Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Deep Water

I cannot quite remember what starting Primary School was like, 1966 was a long time ago. I do remember my first day at High School in 1973, but mostly with saddness as my father died the day before. On leaving school in 1975 I attended Falkirk Tech College to study Mechanical & Engineering as an apprentice engineer. School was not my finest moment, I was not an academic. College I enjoyed, because I could relate to the practical aspects.

It is 43 years since I began my education as a small blond haired, blue eyed boy in shorts, and 30 years have past since I last was at college. This week I have been able to empathise with all the kids going to school for the very first time. Man am I nervous, who needs laxatives :0)

I entitled my blog "Walking on the Water" but I feel more like a fish out of water!!!

This morning God gave me a vision from my childhood that I would like to share with you. I was around 5/6 years old, and as most summers they were spent in the local public park with my mother and younger brother (Summers were great back then, warm & hot.) In the park there was a paddling pool, where I spent many a happy hour swimming. Well I say swimming, but the water was that shallow I was really only pulling myself along the bottom.

I remember it so vividly, as if it were yesterday. I could see myself running to my mum "did you see me swimming mum?" My mum just smiled, "Yes William, you were good" Not long after this my mother took me to the public baths for swimming lesson. Why I thought, I can swim. As I entered the shallow end (all 3' 6" of me) I soon discovered there was more to swimming.

God began to speak to me:- His first words were "Yes William you are good" but now the lessons begin. Contrary to what you might think it is easier to swim in deep water, but firstly you need to learn who to swim. This is not about swimming, its about "Water Walking" I am taking you into the deep water, and some times stormy waters, out of the comfort zone as your mother did all these years ago. Listen carefully to your teachers, follow their instructions and you will be just fine. I have given you My Spirit, and you can accomplish everything because I am strengthening you.

I believe God has prompted in my Spirit to share this with you, because some of you are in a similar situation. God wants to take you into the "Deep Water" I know that I am a very competent swimmer and not afraid of deep water. In fact I feel reasonably confident and competent in many areas, as many of you do. Education is not an area of comfort or confidence for me. When God reminded me of my childhood experience I could see the connection. Where is your "Deep Water" are you happy in your comfort zone, or is God call you to "Get out of the boat"???

May God Bless You


Thursday, 10 September 2009

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Do You Want To B:1:2

Hi folks,

as I mentioned in my last blog, God has shown me some of the exciting projects He has in-store. One of the visions is to establish a Christian Fellowship, a place where Christians can meet to worship and fellowship "in Spirit and in Truth." Here on earth we have so many labels, but these will either 'burn off' if you go to hell, or will 'fall off' when you enter heaven.

The bible indicates that we are to 'Love one Another' and in doing so all men will know that we are His disciples John 13: 34-36. If we are to reach a fallen world we must first demonstrate our love for each other, setting aside our labels that seperate us and focusing on what unites us. So let me explain about B:1:2. This vision is aimed predominately towards youth, but not solely for youth.

B:1:2 Christian Fellowship will be an alliance of evangelical Christians in the Falkirk Area.

B:1:2 will be a body of serving evangelical Christians in Falkirk whose 'membership' is made up of many denominations, churches, organisations and individuals who believe that Jesus Christ is “The Way, The Truth and The Life” He is the only means by which we can have a relationship with God.

B:1:2 promotes unity and truth, acts as an evangelical voice to the town, society and the wider church, and works collaboratively with members and other evangelicals, to present Christ credibly as good news for spiritual and social transformation. Our goal is to promote a ‘uniting to change society, and engaging with the disengaged’

B:1:2 has been birthed to encourage Christians to fully engage in their communities as responsible citizens, and we strive to make evangelical truths publicly accessible.

Our emphasis is on Christian young people meeting to worship together and encouraging them to serve their communities by supporting one another in love. The youth of today get such bad press, perhaps it is time we had some 'Good News' stories? The vision God gave me did not include only young people, but people of all ages. I keep hearing it said that "The young people are the Church of the future" I believe that they are the Church of today.

Why B:1:2?

"Your life is the song that you sing, and the whole world is listening"

Jesus called is disciples, is he calling you to B:1:2? Whatever we are in Christ Jesus, you can B:1:2

It is anticipated that we will organise an event for the Thursday the 8th October 2009 @ 07:30pm, and see what God does. Then it will be the second Thursday of each month, venue to be confirmed. Please pray about this venture, tell your friends and most importantly prayerfully consider coming along.

Clark, this quote is for you. "Its Church Jim, but not as we know it"

Blessings in Jesus Name


Thursday, 3 September 2009

Getting out of the Boat

Today I have set up my blog page, which will track my progress as I begin life as a student. On the 21st of September I attend the International Christian College (ICC) to study "Youth Work & Applied Theology" which will last for 4 years. Hopefully, God willing, it will see me achieve a degree in said subject.

I have considered this career on a number of occasions, but have always found an excuse not to proceed. However, I have finally taken the step of "Getting out of the Boat" It all began when I was asking God what the purpose was for my life, and God began to show me. I could not quite believe what I was seeing (Similar to Peter) and I found myself asking the same question. "If it is really you Lord, bid me to come?" Stupid I know, at my age I should have known better.

The words were clear and true "COME" Now I am looking for a life jacket, rubber ring (do we still get them?) or water wings, so please check your garages/lofts etc.

God has shown me where we are going on this journey, and some of the exciting projects he has in-store which I look forward to sharing in the future. Please pray of Jennifer, Stephanie and myself as we embark on an adventure of a lifetime.