Saturday, 31 December 2011

Ringing out the old, bringing in the new

2011 is drawing to a close and we at BCYPP have much to be thankful for :0) I began the year studying BA Youth Work and Applied Theology, but through lack of funds and a fully established youth project I decided to refer for a year to establish the project and hopefully secure funding to enable me to complete my studies. We established our 'Open Mic" events in July and they have been a great success, which came to its climax with a Christmas event that the young people invited their parents. Once again the event was a huge success, with one of the parents intimating how much they had enjoyed the evening. to quote the gentleman "I was not looking forward to this, but it was amazing. I loved it" We enter into 2012 with the establishing of a School Transition pilot project. This will involve 12 local young people who will work for 10 weeks to establish an allotment. The will leave us with SVQ, SCQF and City & Guilds Qualifications and hopefully an idea what the transition from school to employment or further education will be like. We will work along with "Positive Qualities" to provide this project and the young people will come from Graeme High School.. We will continue with our Open Mic events and throughout 2012 look to grow our involvement within the local community. We do however need funds and if you can spare a few pounds a month to help support the project it would be much appreciated.

May I take this opportunity to wish you all a happy, blessed and prosperous New Year :0)

Bill Sharp
Director of Youth Work

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Open Mic

Great night last night. (18th July) there were around twenty young people attended our 'Open Mic' event. It was  mazin'!!!! The JR's opened the night, showing that we have some great youth talent just wanting to share their love for music. Cammy Lepper & Chris Morris followed and Cammy then contributed with a solo spot, then the flood gates opened. Various young people (oh and an elder statesman) took to the mic and sung for us..Perhaps the highlight was when all the performers got together for a massive 'Jam' Session..The next event is on the 15th of August, so we hope to see you there..I want to thank everyone for their participation and to those who came along to support the acts. However, more importantly for me, I want to give Glory to God for making it happen.


Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Discover Your Potential 'The Artist Within You'

'There is no greater artwork than a Christian's Life. You may not have a gift of writing, painting or composing, but everybody has a gift of creativity concerning his or her own life. In this sense we all are called to become and artist and to design our life as something which is beautiful and true in the midst of a lost world' Francis Schaeffer 

The Famous Artist Michelangelo was in the final weeks of sculpting a giant statue. He had almost finished his work, standing high above the ground on his ladder and carving the stone. His teacher and mentor, a man named Romano, entered the hall and watched his apprentice for about ten minutes.

Finally he asked Michelangelo to come down and to step aside. Romano took a giant axe, went to the almost finished giant statue and broke it into a thousand pieces. Michelangelo could not believe what Romano had done. He stood there staring in disbelief and asking ‘Why?’ Roman turned towards Michelangelo and said, ‘Michelangelo, gifting is cheap, devotion is precious’

If you can grasp this point it will help you understand your creative self-responsibility. Do you have a purpose that shapes your life and is rooted in passion and devotion, not just skills? Do you want to live a mediocre life or discover your maximum potential? 

One of my favourite songs is by Matthew West and is quoted on the profile part of my blog page. It was on hearing this song and reading the account of the  story above, that I began to realise, perhaps I was not fulfilling my full potential. God really began to challenge me as I asked myself the five questions below. As God is our Creator, I fully believe that we, 'Made in His Image', are also creative beings with the potential to achieve great things, if we only trust God to use that creativity he has planted within us.

The ‘artist-within-you’ process can be described in an interactive way. Each step leads you through one of the process and challenges you to find your perspective on life through a number of workshops and exercises.‘Where Do I come from’ and ‘Who am I’ will enable you to collect the pieces of a puzzle. These pieces contain a lot of information about things that have happened so far in your life and will help you discover your strengths and weaknesses. Then you will bring all these aspects together to form a picture. This will help you as you approach the next stage in your life and seek to discover what you are called to do with those years.Once you have the corners and the edges of the puzzle, its time to make the picture and  work on your personal training programme, short term objectives to making the big picture come into focus.And finally how to find a mentor who will help you know how to approach your newly defined goals.

1. Ask the Question: Where do I come from? What does my life look like so far?
2. Ask the Question: Who am I and what Can I do? What are my gifts? What is is my potential? How can I develop further?
3. Ask the Question: Where do I go? As a result of the first two steps you can start painting a picture about your perspective on how your life might unfold in the future. You can start describing your vision for Work, Family, Church/Society and Leisure.
4. Ask the Question: How can I train myself? How do I implement these visions and bring my goals into reality. How can I learn to become my own coach?
5. Ask the Question: Who will help me with this? In this stage we are looking for men and women in our lives that can support and train us. We also have a special mentor-Our Creator, who accompanies us in designing our lives as artists

Please email/post your comments and let me know what God shows you, as he releases 'The Artist Within You'

Blessings in Christ


Friday, 27 May 2011


Hi folks firstly I must apologise as it has been so long since my last update, especially to those who receive my quarterly newsletter as I said, 'to follow what was happening please access my blog page'. I would like to thank Jennifer Kelly for reminding me of that I had made this remark. Bible College has come and gone for another year, and now awaiting my results and grading. The project is moving along and we are in the process of gathering feedback from the young people and adults in the Braes area via survey monkey. The youth survey can be accessed by clicking on the following link and is for all P7-S6 pupils and for older youths in the 19-25 age group. This information will be used to collate a feasibility study for future funding options.

Adults can also complete a survey on the following link this information will also be beneficial in acquiring the necessary funds to take the next steps in our quest to purchase a building in the Braes. Since my last post we have began a weekly youth bible study on a Tuesday evening which has 10 regular young people and a few who come on a less regular basis. Sunday afternoons we enjoy playing basketball at the Polmont Sports Centre, and should anyone wish to join us, we meet at 3:45pm. You can find out more via my Facebook page. I will be back soon with more updates on how God has blessed us. 

Jesus engages with a group of fishermen and calls them to follow Him. They spend time together having fun, in the mountains, on the beach they even go sailing together. Throughout their time together they provide help and support to those in need in the community.   

Jesus Said 'Moreover Imitate Me, Imitate Christ'

Throughout the months of May and June I have had the pleasure as a chaplain at Graeme High School to support and encourage the young people who are sitting their standard and higher grade exams. The school has advised all pupils, that as chaplains, we understand that the exam period can cause added pressure and stress for some. Therefore, we will be available for a chat and prayer or both from 8:20 each morning in the school library prior to their exams. On Monday past I decided since I had an exam the following day on New Testament Epistles, I would take my notes into school and do some studying. I thought it might encourage the young people to know that I truly understood the pain of studying and exam nerves. This opened up an opportunity for me to share my experiences with one of the young people and to explain what and why I was studying. I was encouraged to hear that following a previous morning visit that some of the young people had asked one of their school friends who attends our youth bible study to write a prayer for them. I am pleased that they recognised their school friend as a man of faith and that he was confident enough to meet the needs of his school mates.



Thursday, 30 December 2010

Base Camp

Today I began to think about the "Base Camp." Braes Community Church will be a "Base Camp" in the community, serving the community. It will be a place where those who are on a journey up the mountain can receive the provisions they require for their journey, and those who may be coming down the mountain might find rest and refreshing.

Base Camp will gear you up for the adventure that God has planned for your life, so that  you may have the ultimate summit experience in your service for God.

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

2011 Establishing "Base Camp"

2010 draws to a close and its time to reflect on the year gone, but where to begin. There have been so many highlights in 2010, none more-so than celebrating 25 years of marriage to my wonderful wife Jennifer... God graciously blessed us in the gift from a friend that enabled us to visit Tunisia in August. I also had the opportunity to spend 10 days with a fantastic group of young people from Griffith Indiana led by Pastor Brandon Matthews and his team, what an awesome experience and God was just amazing in our devotional times. He certainly challenged me in all areas of my walk with him. it was during this mission trip that God began to establish a Youth Project (Braes Community Young Peoples Project). 2011 will see us begin the process to plant Braes Community Church and The Storehouse, all in all it will be a very busy year. God willing ! Thank you to all who have supported us in 2010 financially, spiritually in prayer and by just loving us as friends. I know I have made mistakes as I have sought to walk by faith, but these have enabled me to learn valuable lessons in humility. At the end of 2009 I began the walk out of the valley  and up the mountain and at the end of 2011, I will continue to climb and establish "Base Camp" from which we will strike out for the summit.

Serving God, Serving Others